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Regional workshops and conference Sustaining Inclusive Education Community: Ukraine-U.S. cooperation 14.03.20

The week of talks & presentations, train and cab rides, checking ins & outs, breakfasts & dinners, inspiration & motivation, jokes and advices, support and assistance… Stephanie, Joy and Clay – you are an exceptional team! Your expertise and commitment helped to make regional workshops powerful educational and awareness-raising events. They have surely had a great impact on nearly half a thousand participants: students, young professionals, teachers, parents, NGO and government agents. Leadership capacity is what you have been building. Sustainability is what we expect.

Renata and Brian, we appreciate your trust and devotion – planning, advising, supporting, keeping contact. Thank you for bringing to Ukraine a wonderful team of U.S. experts.

Ukrainian fellows, your support and contribution is invaluable. We aimed at benefits of the project to your towns and your professional development.

Numerous Ukrainian presenters, speakers and hosts – we value your help greatly and are looking forward to further cooperation.

Regional and capital workshops participant – share the ideas, skills, inspiration you obtained – be the agents of change.

Volunteers – may this be the beginning of new and wonderful experience on the road to equitable inclusive society.

Highlights of the conference “Sustaining Inclusive Education Community: Ukraine-U.S. cooperation” held in November 23, 2019. Hosted in partnership with by ADA Anniversary Inclusive Education fellows & mentors and America House Kyiv, supported by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Sincere gratitude and respect to Global Resource Center of Inclusive Education, Institute of Community Integration of University of Minnesota. Produced by Iryna Skavinska & Sergiy Sydoriv, Ivano-Frankivsk college, Precarpathian National university