Army of Russia supported by Belarus has invaded Ukraine Civilians, children, adults with disabilities and their families suffer and are slaughtered We demand to stop the aggression and pull out military forces from the territory of the sovereign country Organizations of persons with disabilities in Russia and Belarus - STOP BEING accomplices OF THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Your government lies to you! Your fear and silence kills! You bear responsibility for the actions of your political and military leaders Take to the streets against Putin and Lukashenko regimes, make your soldiers stop, block military vehicles that your governments use to kill Ukrainians!


In 2006, Ukraine signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which was ratified by the Ukrainian Parliament in December 2009. In March 2010, this legislation came into force and currently serves as national law pertaining to the rights of persons with disabilities in the country. In 2017, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, signed “Amendments to the Law on Education” that pertains to the access of children and youth with special educational needs to educational services supporting the continued implementation of inclusive education in Ukraine.

The project WITHOUT BORDERS: SUSTAINING AND SUPPORTING INCLUSIVE EDUCATION LEARNING COMMUNITY aims at developing and sustaining a coordinated program of training, networking and sharing of information, modeling of best practices, and providing feedback on the implementation of inclusive practices in schools among teachers, specialists, university and NGO staff, and parents of children and young adults with disabilities.


Develop, implement and sustain a coordinated training program focused on the high fidelity implementation of promising and evidenced-based inclusive education practices

Create and support a dynamic, inclusive education learning community of diverse education professionals to work with students with disabilities and their parents, with the overall goal of enhancing the implementation of inclusive education practices.


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U.S. professor from Bethel University lectures in Ukraine

Dr. Katie Bonawitz, Professor of Special Education, Director of Master’s of Special Education Programs, Assistant...

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Beauty is bought by judgement of all six senses

«Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye» – Shakespeare once wrote, giving a chance...

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Participating in Inclusive and Supportive Education Conference (ISEC 2021)

Project participants from the USA and Ukraine took part in Inclusive and Supportive Education Conference...

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