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Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V.G. Korolenko 28.05.19

Today, according to the Law on Inclusive Education, children with special educational needs can study in ordinary schools. Such practice in the world is already actively used, because it allows children with special educational problems to develop in the ordinary society and guarantees the provision of psycho-pedagogical and correctional and developmental assistance. In this regard, the pedagogical institutions of higher education of Ukraine should provide training of highly skilled professionals capable of effective professional activity in the conditions of inclusion.

The professional competence of the teacher in the inclusive educational environment is an integrated personality education on the basis of inclusive knowledge, special inclusive competences, professional and personally significant qualities, the acquisition of healthcare-saving and correction-developmental technologies. The effectiveness and success of inclusive education is determined by the willingness of teachers to work in new professional contexts.

In pursuance of the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Youth and Sports of Ukraine No 1 / 9-456 dated 18.06.2012 “On the introduction of the educational discipline” “Fundamentals of inclusive education” from 2012-2013 academic year at the psychological and pedagogical faculty of the university in the educational process of teaching pedagogical Employees of the specialties “Preschool education”, “Primary education”, “Social pedagogy” (from 2016 – “Social work”) introduces educational discipline “Fundamentals of inclusive education”.

According to the letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1 / 9-563 dated October 24, 2017, with the purpose of implementing the concept “New Ukrainian School” and providing inclusive education to the content of educational programs for training specialists in the field of knowledge 01 Education / Pedagogy in curricula in In 2018, the study of the discipline “Fundamentals of psychodydactics of inclusive education” was introduced at the faculties (physics, mathematics, natural sciences, history, philology and journalism, physical education, technology and design). The aim of which is to familiarize students with the theoretical and methodological foundations of inclusive education, to promote the formation of a professional outlook and effective activity in the process of implementation in practice of programs for the inclusive education of children with special educational needs.

Students with disabilities study at the university today: psychology-pedagogical faculty – 36; Faculty of Philology and Journalism – 11; Faculty of History – 9; natural science – 5; Physics and Mathematics – 5. Students with special educational needs who study at the university provide equal access to quality education, create favorable conditions for successful adaptation in the educational environment.

Teachers of the University improve their qualifications on inclusive education.

Professor SP Yalansk, assistant professor Dzyuba T.M. were participants in a National Study Visit organized by the British Council in Vinnytsia on the basis of the Inclusive Center “Harmony” (2018). Participated in trainings focusing on intercultural dialogue, conflict and constructive, the power of questions and listening skills. Participants visited the Vinnytsia Regional Board for Persons with Disabilities and the Old Age, the Youth Bank Initiatives, the Eco-Battle from the Podilsky community, the Vinnytsia City Council, general educational institutions, and social workshops where an inclusive environment was created. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted and participate in the creation of projects on inclusive topics. Received certificates of the British Council and the “Harmony” inclusive center, Vinnytsya.

Professor MV Grinyova took part in the International project “Implementation of inclusive education through youth leadership” & “Youth Against Violence” (Ukraine – USA). Delegates of Santa Fe College (Florida, USA) visited the Omelnitsky united territorial community of Kremenchug district. Visited the Inclusive Resource Center “Hope” in the village. Demidovka

Associate professor VV Shevchuk participated in the training “Psychological correction of children with developmental defects” (NGO “Kyiv Institute of rational and intuitive psychotherapy -” I “).

Teacher Yu.I. Petrenko has completed advanced training courses for teachers of the German language at the Sumy National University. Each of these courses has integrated elements related to people with physical or mental defects in development.

The University holds scientific and practical conferences, workshops, online seminars with specialists in the field of inclusive education and rehabilitation for psychologists, social workers, teachers, students, specialists who work directly with children with special educational needs.


At the Department of General, Age and Practical Psychology of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the PNPU ​​named after VG Korolenko has a scientific studio “The Way to Success”. During the open session issues of inclusive education of Ukraine are considered. In particular, an event on “Psychology of Tolerance” (2017) was held.

At the Faculty of Philology of the University, an International Scientific Project with the support of the “Peace Corps of Ukraine in Ukraine” project “Leadership” was implemented. Tolerance. Volunteerism “(2015-2016), within the framework of which a program for the development of tolerance for student and student youth was created.

Teachers of the University have prepared a number of publications on inclusive subjects: educational, methodical aids, methodical recommendations, scientific publications. Including:

Tolerance, Volunteerism and Leadership: textbook / authors. : IngaKapustian, SvitlanaYalanska, TetianaNikolashina et.al. – Poltava: PublishingHouse «Simon», 2016 – 50 p.

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Kravchuk AA, Kogut IV Recommendations on rehabilitation and creative socialization of children by methods of multicenter therapy: Methodical manual. – Poltava: Charitable Foundation “Caritas Poltava”, 2017. – 25 p.

Inclusive education in Ukraine is beginning to develop actively, but it requires an integrated approach to solving problems associated with the training of participants in the educational process.