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National University “Lviv Polytechnic” 28.05.19

In the Lviv Polytechnic University, the university’s infrastructure is being transformed into a barrier-free training space for the eighth year, and an inclusive educational policy is being implemented to meet a wide range of educational, informational and social needs of people with disabilities and chronic diseases. Today, this trend is developing ever more actively, expanding the scope of its activities. The inclusive educational policy at the university is focused on the international, national, regional and local university levels associated with the adoption of responsible decisions – laws, regulations, orders, and procedures in the field of inclusive education. We develop a system of inclusive educational services based on a regular assessment of needs, especially people with disabilities, chronic diseases and other special educational needs, including the needs of war veterans, combatants and their families. 225 students with disabilities study at the Polytechnic in the stationary form, 2 students – ATO participants, 508 students – ATO students, 8 students – children of deceased ATO participants, 153 students – internally displaced persons. The University employs 227 staff with disabilities, of which 69 teachers.

In addition, under the project “Ukraine-Norway” from 2014, the program “Retraining and social adaptation of servicemen and their family members in Ukraine” is in operation. During this period, 300 military personnel were trained in Lviv Polytechnic, in particular the combatants, released into reserve and members of their families.

From 2011, the Resource Center for Educational Information Technologies for people with special needs (in the center of interest of blind children and young people) implements the rights to higher education for persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, conducts educational activities and implements innovative methods and services in the field of inclusive education.

For more than three years, from December 2015, the International Center for Professional Integration of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences is implementing the assessment of needs and the implementation of innovative strategies, technologies and experience in the field of social inclusion and inclusive education, taking into account our realities at our university. For more than a year, from 2017, the Unit for Accessibility to the Learning Facilities “Without Restrictions” operates in the structure of this Center. During this time, a model (roadmap) for the provision of inclusive educational services in the Lviv Polytechnic was developed, which determines the order of individual support of persons with disabilities and other small-scale groups at the university.

From 2018, the Training and Scientific Laboratory of Innovative Pedagogical Technologies of the Department of Pedagogy and Social Management of the Educational and Research Institute of Law and Psychology, together with the Resource Center for Educational Information Technologies for Persons with Special Needs of Lviv Polytechnic, conduct courses for the improvement of the skills of teachers of educational institutions of Ukraine, in particular in the field of inclusive education.

The Network of Partnership Interaction “Without Restrictions” has been formed, which includes well-known Ukrainian and foreign universities, as well as other partner organizations, mostly on the basis of concluded cooperation agreements.


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