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Municipal institution “Kharkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy” of the Kharkiv Regional Council 28.05.19

one of the oldest educational pedagogical institutions of Ukraine, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020.

Due to the reform of the education system, the problem of raising the standards of preschool education is being considered at the state level. In this context, there is a clear need to revise existing paradigms for the training of pedagogues who must meet the highest international standards for providing educational services and be prepared for the current challenges of professional functioning in a globalized society. The central factor in the modernization of education, which determines the level of training of specialists in higher education, is to focus on the main interests of social development.

Kharkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy is a communal property institution subordinated to the Kharkiv Regional Council.

Municipal Institution “Kharkiv Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy”
Kharkiv Regional Council in 2018 concluded a cooperation agreement with
American University of Minnesota to establish international co-operation in the field of inclusive education. Also, HHPA actively participates in all-Ukrainian and international actions aimed at increasing the level of access of vulnerable population groups to quality education and is engaged in the preparation of qualified pedagogical staff ready to work in inclusive pre-school and school educational institutions. In particular, the educational curriculum of the Department of Correctional Education and Special Psychology introduced the educational discipline “Inclusive education”; undergraduate and postgraduate students prepare reports and participate in regional and all-Ukrainian conferences devoted to issues of the introduction of inclusive education in Ukraine.

Teachers of the Department of Correctional Education and Special Psychology have undergone academic internships and raised their awareness of advanced trends in the field of inclusive education. Thus, Telna OA, in May-June 2017, studied the experience of American colleagues in Minnesota under the international program ADA AnniversaryFellowshipProgramonInclusiveEducation. Teachers Ilchenko OV and Telna O. A. have listened to the full course of the Summer School on Universal Design in Education, conducted on August 30-31, 2018 in Kyiv with the assistance of UNDP in Ukraine. Within the framework of international cooperation with the University of Minnesota, HGPA (on the basis of partnership) has become a co-founder of a number of regional and nationwide events aimed at disseminating information about the possibilities of inclusive education and how it is properly organized. Thus, within the 2017-2019 biennium, the Facebook Community “Inclusion Without Borders” (with the participation of Telyna OA) was founded, numbering more than 1200 participants; A series of educational programs was conducted at the Kharkiv Oblast Radio (cycle “Open Access, Science, Education”) with the participation of Telna O.A .; An International Summer School for Inclusive Education for Psychologists and Teachers “Inclusive – Steps to the Future” was organized (with the participation of Telya OA); Scientific and practical seminars for teachers of inclusive educational institutions of Khmelnychchina (Telna O. A.); For teachers and students of the academy, American experts in the field of inclusive education were trained and a Ukrainian-American scientific and practical conference will be held, in which teachers from different regions of Ukraine will take part. The financial support of the US Embassy in Ukraine is systematic work on the creation of a national network resource support for inclusive education at all levels, and HGPA, as one of the partners in the project, actively participates in the scientific-pedagogical and informational and educational Activities under the Inclusion Practice Grant Program