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Lviv University 28.05.19

Lviv University is a classical higher educational institution with long-standing traditions and powerful scientific schools combined with modern innovation trends and has a special mission:

define and implement educational and scientific standards;
generatechanges that requireregion, country and world;
to form an individual – a carrier of intellectual and innovative potential.
Since February 2015, the University has been operating the Faculty of Pedagogical Education. Its reopening was the result of the formation of many years of the academic traditions of the pedagogical training of graduates.

The department of primary and preschool education was established in 2013 as a department of initial and correctional education in the structure of the philological faculty. Since 2015, the faculty of pedagogical education has started functioning as an independent structural subdivision, and at the same time the department of primary and preschool education has acquired an independent status.

The department provides training for specialists in two areas in full-time and part-time study forms:

– elementary education (educational level “bachelor” and educational professional program “master”)

– pre-school education (educational level “bachelor” and educational-professional program “master”)

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department work on the development of scientific topics: “Theoretical and methodological principles of preparation of specialists in pre-school and primary education in the context of social mobility” (0116U001693) and “Pedagogical science and education in the classical university: an acmeological approach” (0116U001694).

Teachers of the Department are engaged in scientific research, development and improvement of teaching and methodological support, textbooks and manuals, scientific and methodological publications on preschool and elementary education issues; the lecturers of the department act as opponents of doctoral and candidate dissertations, work on dissertation researches, prepare reviews on abstracts, reviews on scientific and methodological works, take part in conducting and working of scientific conferences, seminars of different levels. Student’s Departments participate in All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads and competitions of student scientific and research works.

In the period of the department, the organization is organized:

two International Scientific and Practical Conferences “Actual Problems of Primary Education and Inclusive Education in the Light of European Integration” (2015, 2016) within the framework of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education;
two -student thematic conferences on the occasion of the establishment of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education “Modern Views and Current Problems of Pedagogical Education”, March 2016, March 2017 (based on the materials conferences published abstracts);
student Olympiads within the faculty of pedagogical education.

Department of special education and socialwork

Supervises – professor Ostrovskaya K. O.

Scientific topics of the department:

Psychological and pedagogical foundations of correctional training and rehabilitation of individuals with violations of development and integration aspects of training specialists to work in the system of special education and in the conditions of integration (scientific supervisor – doctor of psychology, professor Ostrovskaya KO)
Content and technology of professional training specialists in the social sphere (scientific leader – candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Kalchenko L.V.)