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Ivano-Frankivsk College, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University 28.05.19

The structural unit of the Precarpathian National University has been implementing principles of inclusion into teacher training since its foundation. Persons with disabilities are among its students and faculty. The principle of universal design is manifested in the modification of the infrastructure for access of students with special educational needs and disabilities to the premises, training equipment and materials. Alternative teaching and assessment tools for students are used. The initiatives of students, parents and teachers are being supported in the introduction of new approaches to teaching, research and leisure activities, which involve equal opportunities for all.

The training of future primary school teachers and preschool education educators for English language specialization, the speech therapist has an inclusive component. Reading disciplines from special pedagogy, trainings, methodical seminars, conferences with the participation of international and domestic experts in the field of inclusion and personality formation, academic internships and exchanges of experience of teachers and students in Ukraine and abroad are taking place.

College students report at conferences and seminars, disseminate inclusive ideas and provide resource support to educational institutions and communities at their places of residence, create and present educational and educational guides, presentations, and video on inclusive topics.

Collaboration with the University of Minnesota and the institutions that later founded the consortium established the coordinator of ADA AnniversaryFellowshipPrograminInclusiveEducationVira Veloroda in 2017. During the year, the teachers of the Ivano-Frankivsk college, in cooperation with other structural subdivisions of the Precarpathian University and partner schools in Ukraine and the USA, organized and conducted the following international events : scientific and methodical seminar-training “Educational Inclusion in the USA and Ukraine: Steps Together” (October 27-31, 2017), Summer School of the Ink Zia 2018: Steps to the Future (June 25-28, 2018), Inclusive Education Week “Without Borders: Development and Support of an Inclusive Educational Community” (October 29 – November 3, 2018).

Presentation “Sustaining Effective Inclusive Education Strategies at Ivano-Frankivsk College 2017-2019