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Antivirus online conference TREADING INCLUSIVE SPACES 4.0: Ukraine-U.S. cooperation (March 19-24, 2020) 02.04.20

Digital resources, video streams and recordings on:

  • Tools for teaching children human rights
  • Assistance for the children with behavioral disorders
  • Instructional strategies for inclusive education
  • Art and music therapy and techniques
  • Storytelling
  • UDL
  • Understanding autism
  • Supporting parents

    Кроки інклюзивними просторами 4.0 / Treading Inclusive Spaces


    Thank you Ukrainian colleagues, international fellows and U.S. friends and mentors: Brian Abery, Renáta Tichá, Kristi Rudelius Palmer, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Joy Lee Fredrikson, Clay Keller, Nolan Patrek, Don Lavin, Kelly Merchant for supplying resources and support